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Welcome to Quadra Island. There is so much to see and discover. What better way to do that than with a local guide. Get the inside scoop, and see the best views and experience the island vibe. More than keeping you from getting lost, it is about the local experience. Lace up and let's go on an ADVENTURE... Together!

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β€œSarah has a passionate, adventurous spirit. A hike with her is sure to answer your many questions about Quadra, and it's culture, history, and amenities. It will also surprise and delight you with her zest for life and stories of travel here and abroad. This will be a highlight of your trip.”


Hey I'm Sarah! I am a 20+ year resident of Quadra Island. Avid adventurer, who loves solo hiking, has crossed the Atlantic on a personal sailboat, and loves being outdoors immersed in the beauty of nature.

I love empowering people to realize their own capacity to try new things. You can expect an uplifting and encouraging, and supportive hiking atmosphere. The only reservation you need, is the one to go.

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The Inside Scoop

With so many trails to choose from, how to pick the one for you? You can either request a trail or suggest a list of preferences and I can provide a recommendation. Factors to consider are: length, physical capabilities, landscape attractions, history, swim spots.

While hiking, ask about restaurants, tours, local experts and the arts. With such a diverse community, there is so much to discover. After a day of hiking, pop down to the pub for a pint and a burger, grab some tacos at the taco truck or check out any of the other fine establishments.

Being Prepared, The Right Equipment

For added safety, some basic equipment will be carried by the guide. A portable Garmin Inreach satellite communication device, medication for allergic reactions, basic first aid kit for blisters, cuts, and scrapes.

Before leaving on your adventure, discuss with your guide what clothing and footwear is appropriate. Don't forget to plan for proper hydration, snacking, and sun protection etc. If in doubt, just ask, that is why you have a guide.

Some will appreciate hiking poles on our more rugged trails for extra balance and stability.

For hikes with lakes as destinations, you are welcome to include a swim suit and towel.

Personal Liability

Disclaimer* For this experience, each participant, regardless of age or ability, assumes the same liability as if they were hiking on their own. Hikes are in wild remote parts of Quadra Island that lack cell service, are home to wild life and have challenging and unpredictable terrain and weather systems. Participants must come prepared for the day's hike. Ask questions before departure and inform themselves of risk.

Quadra Trails are wild trails. As such each participant will be asked to sign a waiver personally assuming all liability by the participant.

Your guide has no experience in single hand combat with wild life, (and never hopes to) but will not abandon you to any wolves. That is a promise.

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